Shipwreck Beach

Shipwreck, or Navagio Beach, in Zakynthos, Greece will make all your wildest dreams about postcard-perfect destinations come true. Located in a beautiful secluded cove surrounded by towering golden cliffs, visitors will only be able to reach this slice of paradise by boat. Swimming in these turquoise waters while soaking in the breathtaking surroundings is a memory to cherish for life. On the shore is the Freightliner MV Panagiotis shipwreck adding another unique element to this stunning spot. The past years Shipwreck beach has become increasingly popular, so be prepared to share this wonderland with other beach loving travelers.

Getting There

Navagio Beach is easily accessed by flying into the Zakynthos International Airport in Greece. Travel from Vancouver to Greece for around $1,100 or from Los Angeles to Greece for around $850. Beachgoers can then rent a car or hire a personal driver on a quad or motorbike for direct access to Navagio. The ride from the airport to your destination is a quick 50 minutes through the beautiful Zakynthos Island. This otherworldly tropical destination is sure to take your breath away.