Playa Norte

As the main beach on Isla Mujeres, you’re sure to find fun, friendly vibes on these coral sands as you settle into island life. Napping in a lounge chair, floating through clear waters, that are only about chest deep, or wandering the beach with a cold drink in hand are favorite pastimes on this laid-back, five-mile stretch of sand. A unique perk of this shore is that it’s one of the only locations in the region where you can see the sun set in the water.

Getting There

Traveling to Playa Norte is fairly easy, but not so much so that it’s flooded with tourists. You’re first stop will need to be Cancun International Airport. Non-stop flights from North America are offered daily from New York City, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Canada has direct flights from Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, and Edmonton. Travelers coming from Europe can hop on a nonstop flight in London, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, and Brussels. At the airport, catch ground transportation to the Ultramar Ferry. The ferry runs about every 30 minutes and takes 20 minutes to cross the bay to the island. When you arrive, a taxi can take you to your accommodations.