Platja de Formentor

Platja de Formentor is a long, skinny, white sand beach located on the beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain. The beach stretches almost 1 km and sits in a dramatic landscape surrounded by dense pine forests and magnificent mountain views. The crystal clear waters allows for excellent swimming, but in the summer you will share the beach with many other beach-loving travelers. Despite the natural beauty surrounding the beach, it is more developed and divided into three sections with different prices for comfortable lounge chairs and umbrellas.

Getting There

Mallorca has an international airport with flights from many major European hubs, so from Canada you will have to make at least one stop flying to Mallorca. Once you reach the island the airport is located at the capital, Palma de Mallorca. From here, it is about an hour drive north to get to the beautiful beach of Platja de Formentor. You can get direct flights to Palma de Mallorca from many popular destinations like London, Rome, Paris, Madrid and many more cities.