Pink Sands Beach

Cotton candy skies are nothing compared to a cotton candy beach, but pairing them together creates a mystical paradise. At Pink Sands Beach in the Bahamas, you’ll find just that. The sand is stained by the red and pink shells of the Foraminifera insects that inhabit the area. Although the bugs are invisible to the naked eye, their impact on the beach is impossible the miss. Light pink sand meets light blue water, creating the illusion you are flying amongst the clouds at sunset. A coral reef cradles the beach away from strong ocean tides and creates an excellent opportunity for snorkeling. The city boasts stunning Georgian architecture and brightly-colored homes. A trip to the remote Pinks Sand Beach promises to color your world with relaxation and exploration.

Getting There

Travelers should fly into North Eleuthera Airport. This is the closest airport to Harbour Island and offers international flights all over the world. However, it is likely you will have a layover in Nassau, Fort Lauderdale, or Miami if you are flying from the north. After landing in the Caribbean you will take a taxi to the dock. From here, you will take a water taxi to Harbour Island.