You know those postcards with powdery sandbars stretching out into seemingly-photoshopped blue water? Well, that’s just a regular day at Pianemo beach, Raja Ampat in Indonesia. It’s easy to see why this beach is constantly referred to as heaven on Earth, the striking contrast of lush jungle-covered mountains against the reef-filled waters is beautiful enough to make the gods themselves weep. Whether you decide to fish, snorkel, dive, or just sit back and work on your tan while visiting Raja Ampat, you really can’t go wrong.

Getting There

The best way to reach Raja Ampat is to fly into Jakarta, Bali, Singapore, or Kuala Lumpur. Once you’ve reached one of these major cities, you can take a flight to the city of Sorong in West Papua. Your hotel or dive resort will then offer transportation from Sorong Airport to the fast boat, which will take you directly to Raja Ampat. Using flight search engines, you can find the best prices and the best times to book your journey from Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Toronto, San Francisco, India and many more destinations around the world.