Noetzie Beach

The gravel road leading to Noetzie Beach eludes to its exclusivity. But when you make the climb down the steep stairway attached to a cliff, you know you’re onto something wondrous. Tucked into a hidden nook of Plettenberg Bay and rimmed by a dense forest, Noetzie is known for historic castles built in the 1930’s. Its rich golden sands are protected by rocky borders and from June to November visitors arrive to watch the incredible Humpback whale migration.

Getting There

Noetzie is a pristine, secluded beach which lies in a hidden bay bordered by the lush forest of the Sinclair Nature Reserve on one side and the fynbos landscapes of Pezula Resort Estate. To reach Noetzie you can take flights to Tambo international Airport and from there you can take a 2 hour 30 minutes domestic flight till Plettenberg Bay or you can reach George and Port Elizabeth Airports are both within 1 and 2.5 hours drive away and offer frequent domestic and selected international flights. Noetzie beach is located just 18 minutes from Knysna (closest town) on the glorious Garden Route and 40 minutes from Plettenberg Bay. It is a drive on gravel Road to get there preferably use a SUV, but smaller cars will do as well. When you get there expect a walk of about 2 km to the beach. Parking area is free.