Half Moon Cay

Half Moon Cay is a crescent-shaped beach on the coast of the Bahamas. The shape of the beach protects the water from any major swells, allowing the water within to be peaceful. The calm water allows for excellent visibility and safe swimming for beachgoers of all ages. Relax on the sand and read your favorite book while you enjoy glimpses of horseback riders skimming the tide and cruise ships gliding across the horizon. There are plenty of nearby stops for drinks and snacks which would make the perfect additions to a beach picnic. Half Moon Cay is an inviting paradise that will leave you with the utmost expectations for beach adventures in the future!

Getting There

North Americans can take a flight to Grand Bahama from New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Texas, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Toronto and many other cities. Privately owned Little San Salvador Isla offers a number of outdoor activities and adventures for those cruising with the company that owns it. Bought by Holland America Line in 1996, the island acts as a major port for cruise ships. Cruise through the North Atlantic and visit the Half Moon Cay.