Grand Anse

If you value immersing yourself in foreign culture while enjoying the classic characteristics of a beach paradise then Grand Anse Beach in Grenada is perfect for you. The most genuine representation of Caribbean culture, Grenada offers endless bazars selling local goods, authentic restaurants, and indigenous customs. After exploring the island, you will feel immediately at peace when you dip into the turquoise-blue waters kissing the sand. Opportunities to swim and snorkel are abundant, ensuring your entertainment throughout your stay on this gorgeous island.

Getting There

Point Salines International Airport is Grenada’s major airport. It offers flights to and from all major travel hubs in the U.S., Canada and Europe. You can also fly into St. George if you prefer, which is only a few miles away from Grenada! Once in St. George, you can choose whether you take a normal taxi or a water taxi to your final destination.