Comporta Beach

With blinding white sand as far as your eye can see, this beach might be one of the very best in Europe. Escape the crowds and find yourself a quiet little spot on this gorgeous Portuguese beach which resembles some of the best tropical beaches in the Caribbean. This is a place to simply relax and recharge while admiring the beautiful blue water. However, it might require a little courage to go for a dip as the water is as cool as it is stunning.

Getting There

The closest major airport to Comporta Beach is Lisbon’s international airport. The easiest route here would be to take public transportation to Setubal and then a ferry crossing to Tróia. From Tróia there are buses heading to the beach regularly. If you decide to drive yourself from Lisbon to Comporta, it is about an hour and a half drive. Whether you are traveling from Toronto, Madrid, Vancouver, London or Barcelona you can easily get a flight to Lisbon.