Blinky Beach

Calling all surfers, Blinky Beach on Lord Howe Island offers some of the least-crowded and best waves Australia has to offer. Beginner or expert, you will find swells on this beach that will match your skill level and fill your adventurous heart with excitement. If you prefer a more relaxing visit, the white-sand beach and turquoise waters invite you to split a picnic, crack open a book or snorkel into shallow waters. This stretch of land truly has it all and will appease any beach-goers needs.

Getting There

Lord Howe Island lies approximately 600 km northeast of Sydney and southeast of Brisbane, Australia, at the same latitude as Port Macquarie, NSW. It forms part of the state of New South Wales. Travelers around the globe can fly to Sydney as it is an international travel hub. From Sydney, they can get a direct flight to Lord Howe Island. This splendid beach is found about half way down the eastern coast of Lord Howe Island, just meters from the island’s airport.