Bai Khem Beach

This is probably the first time you’ve read about Bai Khem Beach, as it’s a local secret tourists rarely stumble upon. Nestled far on the south coast, 25km from Duong Dong and down a dirt path through the forest, it’s not a place you stumble upon easily. Bai Khem Beach is renowned for sand as fine as talcum powder and water so clear you can count the pebbles on the sea floor. The beach doesn’t have amenities, only the simple luxury to soak up the sun, the view and take a swim in a breathtaking place.

Getting there

The most popular way to reach Bai Khem Beach is to fly into Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City, then take a bus — the ticket can be purchased at Mien Tay Bus Station — from the city to Phu Quoc. From there, you’ll board a ferry to Phu Quoc Island and take a self-drive or motorcycle taxi from Duong Dong Town to Bai Khem Beach. You can explore flight options with Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Air Asia, United Airlines and many more.