Zipolite beach

The gorgeous body of water is not the only body you’ll be seeing at Zipolote Beach (or Playa Zipolote, as the locals would say). Playa Zipolite is a long stretch of uncrowded beach where clothing is optional and the surfing is phenomenal. The sapphire waves and soft yellow sands provide the perfect place to relax and do absolutely nothing besides enjoy the crashing of the waves and the warmth of the bright sun. This beach is perfect for the laid back traveller who wants to enjoy the simple beach life, clothed or not.

Getting There

North America, Europeans, Asians and travelers from around the globe can fly to Mexico City from where they can take a flight to Oaxaca. To get to Playa Zipolote by air, you can fly into Huatulco International Airport in the Mexican city of Oaxaca, about 45 km away from the beach. From there, you can either catch a cab (leave the airport for cheaper rates) directly to Zipolote or you can travel like the locals do and travel by collectivo or local bus to Puerto Angel or San Pedro Pochutla. A taxi from Puerto Angel to Zipolite is M$8, and a collectivo from Pochutla is M$12.