San Josef Bay

San Josef Bay Beach is not your regular beach. Located on the northern tip of Vancouver Island, this gorgeous beach offers a truly rugged and beautiful getaway for those that are up for the adventure. The flawless white sands contrast beautifully against the rocky boulders and sky-scraping pine trees of the Canadian shore. The stormy skies offer a beautiful and striking backdrop for a stunning and ruggedly beautiful beach landscapes. Brief breaks in the cloud cover allow the sun to highlight the pale blue green water and spotlight the natural beauty of this gorgeous northern beach getaway.

Getting There

San Josef Bay beach is relatively remote, with the nearest community of Port Hardy being 53 km to the east. The easiest route, is to drive from Vancouver. After flying into Vancouver, you will embark on about an 8-hour road trip to the northwest. Take the Trans-Canada ferry to Vancouver Island. From there, drive north along the Trans-Canada Hwy/BC1 all the way to Port Hardy. From there, you can take Holberg Rd, NE 60 Rd and San Josef Main/San Joseph Rd to Cape Scott Park Rd. Follow this until you run into San Josef Bay on the left. Whether you are travelling from Europe or Asia, Australia or New Zealand you can easily get a flight to Vancouver