Queens Bath

A tide pool the size of a large swimming pool, Queens Bath is a majestic natural phenomenon on the shores of Kauai. The pool is composed of lava rock and fills with the aquamarine surf of the Pacific Ocean. Enhancing the experience are colorful fish and an abundance of sea turtles in the surrounding waters. Because this pool is only swimmable when the surf is 4 feet or less, check the surf report before you make the trek to this one-of-a-kind swim spot.

Getting There

To reach Queens Bath, you first need to park in a small parking lot at the end of Kapiolani Loop, right before it turns into Punahele Road. From there, follow the trail for about ten minutes until you reach the lava rock that skirts the ocean. Then, turn left and walk along the rocks for about five minutes until you reach Queens Bath. Bring good walking shoes and a walking stick as the trail can be muddy. Non-stop flights to Kauai’s Lihue Airport from North America leave daily from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland. From Canada, you can fly direct from Vancouver. European travelers can get a one-stop flight from London, Istanbul, and Moscow.