Pfeiffer Beach

Pfeiffer Beach is a gorgeous and unspoiled beach located in the stunning Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park on the coast of California. When you think of magnificent beaches you likely think of flawless white sands – but you won’t find any here. Pfeiffer Beach is known for its unique and striking purple sands, a result of manganese garnet particles washing down the hillside. The purple beach is surrounded on all sides by dramatic on and off-shore rocks that create a striking backdrop for the gorgeous California sunsets. This beach is a picturesque and unique location for any adventurer!

Getting There

The nearest major airport is located in San Jose, California. This airport has a variety of flight options from many international hubs. From San Jose, the easiest way to get to Pfeiffer Beach is to rent a car and take the US 101 S, hop over onto the CA-156 W, and then turn left to head south along the CA-1 S until you get to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. Then follow signs for Pfeiffer Beach. The entire trip will take a little over 2 hours, but a majority of it will be along the stunning California coastline! Flights to San Jose CA are easily available from Vancouver, Zurich, Yellowknife, Winnipeg and other popular cities around the globe.