Isla Espiritu Santo

A bird’s eye view of this beach provides a mystical image, as the water fades from an almost translucent blue, to deep aquamarine, to an inky blue as it dissolves into the open ocean. Resting in the middle of the biodiverse Sea of Cortez, Isla Espiritu Santo is a place where all the magic occurs under the surface of the water, so snorkeling is a must. As this island is part of the Espiritu Santo nature preserve, creatures such as humpback whales safely reside in the area.

Getting There

Day tours from La Paz, Mexico are the most popular way to experience this stunning island. From North America, you can fly to La Paz International Airport with one-stop (usually in Mexico City) from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Phoenix. One-stop flights from Canada leave from Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. Those coming from Europe can catch a one-stop flight from London, Paris, and Madrid.