Hopewell Rocks

Nature’s sculpture garden, Hopewell Rocks features confounding, massive rock structures that have been sculpted by the world’s highest tides. At low tide, most of the rock formations are on dry land and can be explored on foot. As high tide rolls in, the rocks are surrounded by water and a kayak must be utilized to examine these natural masterpieces from a new vantage point. Enhancing these astonishing visuals are trees growing from the tops of many of the sandstone edifices. This is a one-of-a-kind travel experience that can not be missed.

Getting There

Moncton airport is an hour’s drive from Hopewell Rocks and can be accessed through daily non-stop flights from Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Halifax, or Edmonton. From the United States, you can get one-stop flights from New York City, Orlando, Boston, and Chicago. One-stop European flights leave from London, Paris, and Istanbul.