Crystal Crescent Beach

Crystal Crescent Beach is actually a trilogy of beaches in Nova Scotia that are often compared to tropical beaches because of their soft, white sands, and clear blue water – although the water here is a bit chillier than in the tropics. Access to the shore is fairly easy, as two of the beaches can be accessed by boardwalks, which wind through lush foliage. Those wanting to take a break from sunbathing to go birding and wildlife viewing, can hit the trailhead for a hike to stunning Pennant Point.

Getting There

To access Crystal Crescent Beach Provincial Park, situated in Sambro Creek, you’ll need to fly into Halifax Stanfield International Airport. From the airport, you can rent a car to drive the 45-minutes to the beach. From the United States, you can get non-stop flights from Boston, Orlando, and New York City. Canada has direct flights from Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Hamilton, and Calgary. Travelers coming from Europe can catch one-stop flights from London, Paris, and Frankfurt.