Carters Beach

Carters Beach is simply one of the most beautiful beaches in Nova Scotia. It is essentially three beaches in one, with three crescent areas one right after another. Carter’s Beach is unique for its stunning white sands and bright Caribbean turquoise waters that are completely unlike any other waters in the area, inviting you to dive in. The sands on Carter’s Beach have a little more sparkle than other beaches in the area because of the granite rocks in the area. This unique feature creates a beautiful, sparkling beach experience that is stunning and one-of-a-kind.

Getting There

Carters Beach is located about 20 km south of Liverpool, on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. For those who are flying in, the nearest airport is located in Halifax. After flying into Halifax, take the scenic way along the Lighthouse Route (Highway 3), which follows the stunning Nova Scotian coast and takes you directly to Liverpool. From Liverpool, drive about 22 kilometers south west along NS-103 W. Keep an eye out for signs and Carter’s Beach will be on the left just off of Carter’s Beach Rd. Whether you are travelling from London or Sydney, Boston or New York you can easily get a flight to Halifax.