Bowling Ball Beach

Bowling Ball Beach in Northern California gets its name from the unique rock formations that dot this stunning beach during low tide. It’s no wonder this beach is known as one of the most striking and beautiful beaches in the world as it is truly unique! The hundreds of 1-1.5 meter diameter, round sandstone boulders that cover the soft sands are unique to this particular beach and make for a wonderful adventure for beach-goers and geologists alike. Climb over these unique geological formations, enjoy the fine-grained white sand beach, and swim in the refreshing Pacific waters.

Getting There

Bowling Ball Beach is in Schooner Gulch State Park on the coast of Northern California. To get to Bowling Ball Beach from Gualala, CA, go north on Highway 1 to Mile Marker 11.41 and park in the designated area for Schooner Gulch State Beach on the west side of the highway. Take the hiking trail at the north end of the parking area. Follow this trail 0.1 mile across the meadow and then take the path down to the beach. Continue north along the beach for half a mile to the large “bowling balls” in the surf zone. North American, Europeans, Australians and travellers from around the globe can fly to San Francisco CA and drive along the coast to the Bowling Ball Beach.