Balandra Beach

Glassy water is easy to come by at Balandra Beach as it sits in a bay, protecting it from the open ocean. Located in the desert climate of Baja California, this beach offers a striking environment of clear hillsides speckled with bright green cacti silhouetted against clear, blue skies. This area has been able to maintain its remote charm as it was named a Natural Protected Area in 2008, and is the ideal location for a full escape from the fast pace of daily life.

Getting There

As the nearest accommodations to Balandra Beach are located in La Paz, that will likely need to be your home base. You can get to La Paz by flying into Los Cabos International Airport and commuting two hours north via shuttle or rental car. Or, you can fly from Mexico City into La Paz. Direct flights from North America to Cabo leave from Los Angeles, Mexico City, San Francisco and San Diego. North American flights to Mexico City fly non-stop from Los Angeles, Guadalajara, Monterey, and New York. Non-stop flights from Canada to Cabo, and Mexico City, can be found in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, and Edmonton. From Europe, you can get a flight to Mexico City from Paris, London, Madrid, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt. Once you’re in La Paz, catch a bus or taxi to the La Paz Malecon Bus Terminal and purchase a ticket to Balandra Beach.