The clear green waters and golden sands of Whiterocks Beach may make you think you’re in the Caribbean, but you’re not. This is Ireland. Located on the scenic Causeway Coastal Route, Whiterocks Beach is a hotspot for surfers, surf kayakers, bodyboarders, and beachcombers. The backdrop of sedimentary rocks have been carved by the sea for centuries, creating arches and caves that are perfect for retreating from the sun on hot days. Gaze out to sea, and you’ll find Lion’s Paw, Wishing Arch, Shelagh’s Head, and Elephant Rock jutting out of the water to make the views even more memorable.

Getting There

The nearest airport is Belfast International Airport. You can rent car and drive to Portrush or take a Bus or a Train. From Portrush you can either take a daily bus service which passes close to Whiterocks Beach entrance or you can also rent a bicycle and ride NCN Route 93 passes through Portrush and surrounding countryside, approx. 0.5 miles from Whiterocks Beach. Tourists can also follow the UW/CCW that passes through Whiterocks Beach. A roadside footway connects Portrush to the Whiterocks site. You can easily fly to Belfast from Dublin, Toronto, Glasgow, London and other popular cities around the globe.