Vaeroy beach

Vaeroy beach is absolute magic – it is unlike any other stretch of sand with its remote location, towering cliffs, peering mountains, and beautifully still water. Visitors can experience the landscape, terrain, and refreshing emerald waters of Norway – all along the shores near a quaint and homey town known for delicious Norwegian cuisine and warm coffee. Many seasoned travelers rave about the hike at Punn Sanded. An hour and 20 minutes takes you to the top, where you’ll be rewarded with a view that will make your heart race, as emerald seas meets beautiful sandy beaches.

Getting There

Getting to Norway from many destinations around the world is quite simple as there are so many flight options. Book a flight to Oslo, Norway, from just about any major city, be it Toronto, Copenhagen, Stockholm or London. You will then take a connecting flight with Turkish Airlines or British Airways and end up in Bodo or Narvik, depending on which area you hope to explore. Vaeroy is part of the Lofoten Islands, which is an easy drive from Narvik or an easy ferry ride from Bodo. Within an hour, you will be at one of the top beaches in the world.