Ursa Beach

There are countless stretches of sand titled, “secret beach,” around the globe. It seems like every coastal area has its own, but few compare to Lisbon’s Praia da Ursa, or Ursa Beach. The trek to the beach is long and steep as you descend into the valley, but it pays to stop and savor the view (or catch your breath) along the way. Arrive at the bottom, and you’ll be greeted by a cove of untouched golden sand, limestone stacks, and water that is comfortably warm during summer and fall.

Getting There

Cabo da Roca is 18 km west from Sintra, 15 km north from Cascais and 40 km west of Lisbon. The easiest and convenient method of transport is by rental car, the route from Cascais and Lisbon follows the scenic N247 and leaves at the village of Azóia or you can take the train to Cascais from Lisbon’s Cais do Sodre station then take bus 403 or take the train to SIntra from Lisbon’s Rossio station then take bus 403. Trains on both lines are every 20 minutes and take 40 minutes for the journey. Bus 403 runs from Cascais to Sintra by way of Cabo da Roca about once every hour. North America, Asians, Australians and travelers around the globe can easily get flights to the Portugal city of Lisbon from where they can make their journey to the Ursa beach.