Spiaggia Rosa

Spiaggia Rosa, or Pink Beach, is one of only a few places around the globe to have pink sand. For that reason, as well as the crystal clear water and expansive views, it’s one of the most idyllic places in the Italian Mediterranean. Located on the island of Budelli, this unique beach acquires its pink pigment from a medley of coral, crystals, crushed fossils, and dead marine life. Tourists are no longer allowed to set foot on the sand to protect its pink color, but you can admire Mother Nature’s handiwork from nearby Cala di Roto or Spiaggia del Cavaliere.

Getting There

It is located slightly to the south of Razzoli and Santa Maria, the two islands of the archipelago closest to the Bocche di Bonifacio. It covers 12 kilometres of coast and an uncontaminated territory of 25 hectares. You can fly to Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport (OLB) which is closest to the popular Costa Smeralda, hub airport for Meridiana Fly. North America, Asians, Australians, Europeans and travellers from around the globe can fly to Rome in Italy from where you can get a flight to Sardinia. After arriving in Sardinia you can rent a car or take a Bus to Palau from where you can get a ferry to archipelago and park of La Maddalena. You can visit the Spiaggia Rosa beach on a chartered boat.