Silver Strand

Silver Strand is far from a big beach, but it’s absolutely worthy of a visit if you’re in Ireland for the summer. Silver Strand is located close to Dublin, but on the best days, you might imagine yourself sitting somewhere in southern Europe. From the beach, all you will see is golden silky sand, clear blue waters and the towering rocky cliffs, offering comfortable protection from the wind. On the hottest of days, consider taking the plunge if you’re not too sensitive to the cool, refreshing water.

Getting There

It is best to rent a car to reach Silver Strand which is about an hour drive from Dublin. Another option is to take public transportation or train to the nearest town of Wicklow. From there, you will have a pleasant 45-minute-long walk before reaching this pretty little beach. Dublin airport is also 40 minutes away, offering direct flights from Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and other Canadian cities.