Ploumanac’h Beach

Ploumanac’h Beach is located on what is called The Pink Granite Coast. With pink, playful rock formations, grassy spots and lush trees when stepping into these clear turquoise waters, this beach will make you simply want to sit down, take it all in, and never leave. This is one of Europe’s best hidden secrets, so you can still visit and feel that it’s your own private paradise. However, you may be joined by bird lovers and hiking enthusiasts, as the many paths around here offer excellent walking routes and are ideal for spotting rare sea birds.

Getting There

A car rental is the most ideal option for truly exploring this area. Three airports will take you close to Brittany. Northern France, Brest and Rennes airport offer flights to many different cities around Europe, whereas Nantes, which is a bit farther away, flies direct to Montreal seasonally. Canadian travelers can fly to Rennes from popular cities like Winnipeg, Vancouver, Toronto and St Johns.