Playa del Charco de los Clicos

Charco de los Clicos, also known as the Green Lagoon, lies inside an extinct volcano submerged into the Atlantic ocean. The green color of the lagoon iscreated by algae at the bottom of the seabed, which provide a stunning contrast to the blue sky and dark sand on the beach. Sunset is the perfect time to visit Charco de los Clicos, as you’ll have an opportunity to watch the colors slowly and artistically change when the sun sets on this one-of-a-kind landscape.

Getting There

Travelers will want to fly into Lanzarote airport from any major European hub and rent a car to go see this unique piece of paradise. A car park is near the entrance with a connecting path that will lead you to the beach. Travellers coming from Africa can also fly from Morocco. Europeans, North America, Australians, Asians and travellers from other parts of the world can fly to Spain and cruise to Lanzarote