Playa de Rodas

Playa de Rodas is a strip of white, silky soft sand and turquoise water backed by fine sand dunes and pine trees. Seasoned travelers have called this one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and one of Spain’s best kept secrets. However, the secret might be out as more visitors now make their way here to sunbathe or walk the small trails along the beach in the unspoiled surrounding nature. Despite sharing the beach with other beach-loving travelers, you won’t regret visiting one of Spain’s favorite pieces of paradise.

Getting There

The only way to get to Islas Cies is by boat from Vigo city, located on Spain’s northwest coast. Vigo does have a smaller airport, but the biggest airport close by is Santiago airport, which is about an hour drive from Vigo. North America can fly to Bilbao, from where it’s possible to rent a car or taxi and enjoy the scenic 5-hour-long drive along the coast from Bilbao to Santiago. Or, travelers can fly to Madrid and take another flight to Santiago airport. flights to Bilbao are available from all major cities, including Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg.