Perissa Black Sand Beach

Most of Santorini is located at the rim of a volcano, and everywhere you go, you will be reminded of the island’s history of volcanic activity, especially at Perissa Black Sand Beach. As the name implies, the sand is dark and mysterious, while the ocean is beautifully clear and blue. This palette of contrasting colors creates ideal gazing or photo taking opportunities. However, experts recommend renting a lounge chair as the dark sand absorbs the heat from the hot European sun and can be difficult to walk or lie on.

Getting There

Perissa beach is located about a 30-minute-long drive from Santorini Airport and Fira. Public transportation will also take you from Fira to Perissa, so there are plenty of opportunities to reach this gorgeous beach. Travelers can also fly to Milos and take a flight to Santorini Airport from there, or they can fly into Athens and cruise through the Aegean Sea to Santorini. Canadians can find direct flights to Milos from Winnipeg, Vancouver, Toronto, Thunder Bay and other popular cities in Canada.