Pasjaca beach, one of those hidden gems of the Dubrovnik riviera, is situated in Konavle region. It is not a natural beach, it was formed after digging tunnels in surrounding villages. Over the years, the sea eroded the rocks and created this beautiful beach hidden in the giant cliffs. The incomparable beauty and isolation of Pasjaca make this beach the perfect place for those looking for a quiet and idyllic beach with unbelievable translucent seas and skyscraping cliffs. It’s a place where life is a simple pleasure!

Getting There

Whether you are travelling from Canada or New Zealand, Australia or South America you can get direct flights to Dubrovnik. This sandy beach is in the region of Konavle, below the village Popovići which is 30 km from Dubrovnik and towards the border with Montenegro. You can use the Waze app to get on Pasjača Beach and we can say that was the best option because the way is very deserted and you may struggle to find help from locals. At the beach entrance there is a sign indicating it and also free parking for some cars and from there you should follow the trail followed a steep staircase that goes through a tunnel dug and takes you to paradise.We do not suggest the bus visit the beach because the closest point is situated kilometers away and walk there in the hot sun will not be a good experience. It is best to rent a car.