Papagayo sits in a small cove in the south of Lanzarote and is characterized by its dusty white sand. The walk to the beach can be challenging, but the reward is crystal clear, emerald green water that can be as still as a swimming pool, allowing for excellent swimming and snorkeling for kids and adults alike. Despite the secluded location, there is a small beach bar on the hillside selling ice cold drinks to enjoy while soaking in the beauty. Visit in the late afternoon to stay and catch one of the world-famous sunsets.

Getting There

Arrive at Lanzarote Airport, and you’re a short 40-minute-long drive from Papagayo Beach. You will have to rent a car to reach the beautiful south coast of Lanzarote, but you won’t be disappointed, as there is so much beauty to see along the way. Lanzarote Airport is accessed from most major European hubs, so travelers from around the world have relatively easy access to this gorgeous stretch of sand. Canadians can take one stop flights to Lanzarote from Toronto with a stop in Madrid, Dublin, Manchester, London or Paris.