Ostend Beach

You probably didn’t expect your Belgium holiday to turn into a beach vacation, but at Ostend Beach, the sun and sand are just steps from the city. The most popular beach of Oostende is separated from the charming city by a spacious boulevard. It’s a family-friendly beach that can get crowded on hot summer days, but there will be plenty of room for a walk on the beach or sunbathing on the sand. Easy access, lifeguards on duty, and an abundance of nearby facilities make a visit to this beach a must when visiting Oostende.

Getting There

The E40 motorway connects Brussels with Ostend. The International Airport Ostend-Bruges is just a short ride from the city centre by car. The journey from Brussels to Ostend by car or coach takes about one hour. You can take a direct flight To Brussels. European travellers can also take a train to Kortrijk, Brussels and Antwerp and make a road trip to Ostend Beach from these popular cities in Belgium. North Americans can get direct flights to Brussels from Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and other destinations.