Güi güi

Once home to a permanent hippie colony, Gui Gui Beach has long been a legendary stretch of sand in Gran Canary. But despite its well-known status, visit on any day, and there’s a good chance you won’t see another person. Beachgoers must conquer a 5-kilometre trek to reach the sand, and the upward hike on the way home is a bit more demanding. However, that’s what keeps the crowds down, so you can enjoy the sand, calm sea, and towering cliffs to yourself on many days. Visit for the iconic sunsets, and be aware that this is considered a nudist beach.

Getting There

You can catch direct flights to Gran Canaria from Manchester, Birmingham and London. North American travellers can fly to Morocco and get a flight to Gran Canaria airport from Casablanca. The Gran Canaria Airport is situated 18 km south of Las Palmas. Rent a car and drive to Tasartico village and then follow the dusty road until you see board with Güi Güi on it and there you leave the car. There is no phone and internet service, so plan you trip in advance, perhaps download a map! It takes 5km one way. It is a huge paradise and you can enjoy its wide and beautiful beaches in seclusion.