The most beautiful beaches aren’t always located on the ocean. Grundlsee is one of those rare examples in which a lake beach can compete with the very best ocean beaches around the world. Grundlsee lake is a 6-kilometre-long crystal clear lake nestled in the mountain massif of the Totes Gebirge. At the foot of the mountains, surrounded by lush, colorful nature is a long beach with direct access to the water where you can swim, sail and relax while gazing up at the majestic, breathtaking mountain terrain.

Getting There

Salzburg is the closest city to Lake Grundlsee, but the public transportation from here can be long and slightly complicated so renting a car may be your best option. You can also reach Grundlsee from Vienna via train or bus, but it is at least a 4-hour-long journey. Both Salzburg and Vienna have international airports with Vienna being the biggest with some direct flights to Canada. Whether you are travelling from Toronto or Prague, Budapest or Munich you can easily find a flight to Vienna.