Gjipe beach albania

If you’re looking for paradise, you’ve found it. Gjipe Beach feels more like a deserted island paradise than another bustling beach in Europe, and that’s because the easiest way to get there is by boat. White cliff walls, aquamarine waters, pristine white sands, and comfortably shaded caves create what is one of the most pristine and underrated beaches in the world. Bring your camera, plenty of sunscreen, and don’t forget your bathing suit, because the crystal clear water is impossible to resist.

Getting There

Ferries run from Corfu, Greece and from Brindisi, Italy into the southern Albania seaports of Saranda and Vlorë. Flying into Montenegro or Pristina, Kosovo, it takes a few hours to get to the north of Albania. Flying into Skopje, Macedonia or Thessaloniki, Greece, Albania is under a 5-hour drive. Once you arrive in Albania you can drive to Gjipe, but soon enough you’ll run out of the paved road and you’ll have to leave your car, then walk down around 35 minutes along the coast following a narrow path. Every day a handful of buses and furgons ply the coastal route between Vlora and Saranda. Simply flag one down anywhere along the main road and ask to be dropped off at the turnoff for Gjipe Beach. You can also get a boat ride from Jala or Himara direct to Gjipe Beach. To inject a little more adventure, you can also hire a kayak and paddle across from Jala.