Fjord of Furore

Located on the magnificent Amalfi Coast, Fjord of Furore is a pearl of the coastal UNESCO World Heritage Site. This beach is actually a small inlet surrounded by unforgiving rocky cliffs, and you will find that at times, they close the beach for safety reasons. However, even if you have to enjoy the marvelous views from above, this spot should be on your must-visit list. The beach itself is narrow and rocky, but it is the crystal clear blue waters that will call your name as soon as you reach the shore.

Getting There

The largest airport near Fjord of Furore is Naples Airport with many flights coming from major European hubs. From here, it is possible to reach the shores of the Amalfi Coast with public transportation; however, a care hire is ideal for exploring everything you’ll want to see. European travelers can find direct flights to Naples from Rome, Toronto, London, Florence, Venice and many other major cities.