Dwejra Bay

Dwerja Bay is another example of nature’s raw magic and rugged beauty. Its dramatic coastal rock formations are more than photo-worthy, and it can be mesmerizing to watch the sea spill over the rocks. All of the surrounding habitat is a perfect blend of geology, flora, fauna and history. Here, you will also find one of Gozo’s top dive-sites, known as the Blue Hole. If diving isn’t for you, simply swim in the deep sea of the bay or the calm waters of the inland sea. Try finding a vantage point as the sun begins to set for an unforgettable view.

Getting There

To reach Gozo island, you will have to take the ferry after flying into Malta International Airport. Malta airport does not have direct flights to Canada, but it does offer many flights to major European hubs. Whether you are travelling from Toronto, London, Rome or Manchester, you can easily reach Malta by air. Once on Gozo Island, you have the option to drive to Dwejra Bay yourself, or you can take public transportation from Gozo’s capital city of Victoria.