Also known as “The Pearl of the Baltic,” Bornholm is an island in in the Baltic Sea off the south coast of Sweden. The water at Dueodde beach is clear with abundant sandbars for swimming or wading. The beach extends for numerous kilometres on both sides of the southernmost tip of Bornholm, creating unforgettable walks on the beach. Don’t forget to climb the stairs to the top of the lighthouse for the best views.

Getting There

Whether you are travelling from Toronto or Amsterdam, Vancouver or Stockholm, you can take a direct flight to Copenhagen in Denmark. From Copenhagen you can fly to Bornholm in just 35 minutes or you can travel by a ferry from Ystad in Sweden in just 1 hour and 20 minutes. The Dueodde beach extends for several kilometres on both sides of the southern tip of the island. Dueodde is the largest beach on Bornholm. Tourists crowd the beach in July and August.