Dog’s Bay Beach

Shaped like a horseshoe, this little bay is more than a mile long with spectacular white sand made entirely of pure white seashell fragments. Because of the horseshoe bend sheltered from currents, these crystal clear waters are considered safe for swimming and other water activities, making Dog’s Bay a popular place to visit in the summer months. Dog’s Bay is located in rare and natural surroundings adding even more beauty to this destination. This is a stretch of sand every beach lover must visit when travelling to Ireland.

Getting There

Dog’s Bay is located just 3 kilometres from the town of Roundstone, but if you’re staying in Dublin, it is a 3 hour and 40 minute drive by car. You can fly directly from Canada to Dublin. Whether you are travelling from Toronto or Delhi, London or Vancouver, you can easily find a flight to Dublin and reach Dog’s Bay just a few hours after you arrive.