Comfortless Cove

There is no arguing that Ascension Island has some of the most immaculate beaches in the world, many of which are secluded and unexplored. Comfortless Cove is much smaller and quieter than other beaches on the island, and at times, you might feel it’s your own private slice of heaven. The golden, soft sand with dark volcanic stones and turquoise waters will take your breath away. However, the history of this particular beach also sheds light on a gruesome time in the past making this an even more fascinating place to visit.

Getting There

On Ascension Island, the best way to reach some of these breathtaking beaches is by rental car, as it is such a remote destination and getting here is not always easy. It has currently become impossible to fly regularly to Ascension Island, so instead, many visitors will take a ferry from St. Helena coming from Cape Town. North American travelers can fly to Capetown from Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Edmonton or other popular Canadian cities.